Dienstag, 30. September 2014

The No Funeral PodTape Vol. 4

Here we go, it's time for No Funeral PodTape Vol. 4. Just like last time, this PodTape is exclusively using samples from The Simpsons. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "If you're using Simpsons samples again, then what's up with Hank Hill?" Well, what's up with Hank is Hank is stoked for Vol. 4 of the PodTapes because this one is all bands from Texas. They're mostly from Austin but the whole state is represented. Stay tuned for more ignorance and, if you have any questions or whatnot, feel free to hit me up on the No Funeral Facebook page.

Samples (in order):

Homer, The Simpsons theme song (intro), Dr. Nick, Grandpa Simpson, Bart, Bart, Lisa, Apu,  Homer and Mindy, Ralph Wiggum, Rex Banner, Homer, Dr. Nick, Homer, Young Ned Flanders, Lisa, Apu, Edna Krabappel, Groundskeeper Willie, Groundskeeper Willie, Lisa, Homer, Krusty, Apu, Moe, Groundskeeper Willie, Homer, Apu, Grandpa Simpson, Groundskeeper Willie, Marge, Apu, Homer, Homer, Lisa, Nelson, Apu, Homer, Apu, Groundskeeprer Willie, Little girl at Springfield Elementary School, Dr. Nick (Bye Everybody), The Simpsons theme song (outro),

Tracklist (in order):

The Sword - "Dying Earth" - Apocryphon - Razor and Tie (Austin)

50/50 - "Gator Mutilation" - Skate Gore EP - 625 Productions (Houston)

Bitter End - "Panic/Climate of Fear" - Climate of Fear - Deathwish Inc. (San Antonio)

Insect Warfare - "Mass Communication Mindfuck" - World Extermination - 625 Productions (Houston)

American Sharks - "Demon with Glass Sword" - American Sharks - The End (Austin)

Chest Pain - "Wage Against The Machine" - debut EP - To Live A Lie (Austin)

Pretty Little Flower - "The Story of Ricky" - Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter - Six Weeks (Houston)

Fire From The Gods - "The Capitalist" - Politcally Incorrect - self released (Austin)

Power Trip - "Crossbreaker" - Manifest Decimation - Southern Lord (Ft. Worth)

At The Drive In - "One Armed Scissor" - Relationship of Command - Grand Royal (El Paso)

Bickley - "Calling All Punks" - Kiss the Bunny - Fearless (Houston)

Hatred Surge - "God Complex" - Human Overdose - Iron Lung Records (Austin)

Dead Horse - "The Lark Nest" - Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers - Metal Blade (Houston)

Burnt Skull - "God Hole" - Sewer Birth - 12XU (Austin)

Seeker - "Pale Death" - Unloved - Victory (Dallas)

DSGNS - "Thousand Yard Stare" - WSTLND - self released (Austin)

Bloody Knives - "I Want to Be the One to Blame" - Disappear EP - self released (Austin)

Pantera - "Revolution Is My Name" - Reinventing The Steel - Atlantic Records (Arlington)

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