Montag, 22. September 2014

Ill Informed - Adapt or Die

Ill Informed
Adapt or Die
Hardware Records (EU)/Sorry State Records (US)

Adapt or Die is the second cassette EP from San Antonio power violence/fastcore band Ill Informed.  This band plays 625 Thrashcore-style ignorant speed punk that, unlike so many other bands from Texas, doesn't devolve into mosh metal. MRR purists will be stoked! Punk fans will be stoked! Humans will be stoked!

This five song cassette (the program repeats on both sides) is available in Europe from Hardware Records and is available stateside from Sorry State Records for only $3.50! Hogwild Records in San Antonio had copies but I think the store sold out. No Austin stores have copies right now but they will be stocked after the second pressing. Long-story-short: this tape is gaining momentum among the metal/punk community.

As far as I know, Ill Informed has no touring plans on the horizon but these guys gig out all the time. If you find yourself in the I-35 Corridor (San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Austin, Waco, etc...), Ill Informed play live in this area constantly. Adapt or Die is mandatory listening. If you have ever at any point been a fan of Lack of Interest, Extortion, Infest, Mammoth Grinder, or Hatred Surge; then you need to download this immediately!

Ill Informed - Adapt or Die


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