Montag, 11. August 2014

The No Funeral PodTape Vol. 3

Greetings all! I finally finished the third No Funeral PodTape while maintaining that brutal production schedule of once a year. In this episode, we explore the brutal end of the metal-punk spectrum with The Simpsons as our tour guides. Yes, all of the samples for this podtape were extracted from the world's favorite show. Bands include Enabler, Skinlab, Iron Reagan, Origin, Fallujah, Rise Against, Hammerhead, Deicide, Secret Cutter, and more. Enjoy!

Samples (in order; all samples are from The Simpsons):

Apu, Simpsons theme song (intro), one of the KBBL DJs, COL. Hapablap, Dr. Nick, Mr. Burns, Dr. Nick, Carl, Krusty, evil witch from the Treehouse of Horror, woman in Springfield, Groundskeeper Willie, Chief Wiggum, a Springfield paramedic, Ned, Lenny, Ned, Moe, Krusty, Barney, Apu, Bart, Bart & Lisa, Bumblebee Man, Mr. Burns. the clock at the Duff factory, Grandpa Simpson, Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer, Kent Brockman, Marge, Marge, Ranier Wolfcastle, Barney, Apu, Homer, Groundskeeper Willie, Homer, Apu, and the Simpsons theme song (outro).

Tracklist (in order):

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - "As Bad As It Is" - And On and On (split LP with Despise You) - Relapse
Enabler - "All Hail the Void" - All Hail the Void - Southern Lord
Skinlab - "No Sympathy (for the devil)" - Disembody: The New Flesh - Century Media
Iron Reagan - "Cycle of Violence" - Worse Than Dead - A389 Recordings
Origin - "The Absurdity of What I Am" - Omnipresent - Agonia Records
Fallujah - "Carved from Stone" - The Flesh Prevails - Unique Leader
Rise Against - "I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore" - The Black Market - DGC
Hammerhead - "Brest" - Into The Vortex - Amphetamine Reptile
Deicide - "In the Minds of Evil" - In The Minds of Evil - Century Media
Secret Cutter - "Mirror, Mirror" - Secret Cutter - self-released
Trash Talk - "The Hole" - No Peace - Trash Talk Collective/Odd Future Records
Cephalic Carnage - "Endless Cycle of Violence" - Xenosapien - Relapse
Oceans of Slumber - "Remedy" - Aetherial - self-released
Cold World - "Never Knows Best" - How the God Chill - Deathwish Inc.
Anal Cunt - "All of Our Fans Are Gay" - Defenders of the Hate - Menace To Sobriety
Morbid Angel - "Existo Vulgore" - Illud Divinum Insanus - Seasons of Mist
Chest Pain - "Moron" - Weltschmerz - To Live A Lie
Deadwater Drowning - "My Fist, Your Face" - Deadwater Drowning - Black Market Activities


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