Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

Tumor Circus - Self-Titled LP

Tumor Circus
Tumor Circus
Alternative Tentacles

Hola, weirdos. Brian No Funeral here with a quick blast before I head to work. Today, I've posted the Tumor Circus LP. For those not in the know, Tumor Circus was a short-lived side project band featuring members of Grong Grong and Steel Pole BathTub with the legendary Jello Biafra on vocals. Tumor Circus played late 80s/early 90s style noise rock with splashes of the classic grunge sound and literate, demented lyrics.

The VILLAGE VOICE recently asked Biafra about the Tumor Circus record and he said that it's the most criminally underrated album of his career. I agree. Check out the song "Take Me Back or I'll Drown Our Dog" for further proof of this album's radness. If this had been released by AmRep instead of Alternative Tentacles, then people would have eaten up at the time. Well, it's not to late to discover a ground-breaking record.

Tumor Circus - Tumor Circus


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