Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Infest - 1987-2002 (discography CD)

Deep Six Records

Bueno, que tal? It's Brian No Funeral and, today, I'm reposting the INFEST discography CD for a number of reasons.

First, I'm still not sure if this CD has actually been released or not. It was delayed for over a decade by both the band and the record company (as you can imagine, finances are an issue for these Southern Californians). I think it has been officially released by now because Infest is back as an active, touring band. The fact that this discography has been circulating on the internet for so long has directly contributed to the Infest revival.

Second, did you hear me a moment ago when I said Infest got back together? Well, if you're fortunate enough to live near Dallas, Infest is going to play its only Texas show this year at the Diablo Ranch next month. Check out the show flier...

WEEKEND NACHOS, MINDLESS, and CHEST PAIN are also playing this show. Click here for more details. I know that caravans from Austin and from Houston are being planned. You have no excuse if you live in the D/FW area.

Finally, if you claim to be a fan of brutal metal and hardcore, then Infest is mandatory listening. This band was (and still is) a major influence on a whole generation of weirdos and, alongside MAN IS THE BASTARD, changed the perception of what's possible in DIY underground rock. Download this now!


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