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Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole

Nothing But The Whole
Dark Descent Records

Greetings, weirdos. It's been too long since I dropped knowledge on you all so let's get to it.

Nothing But The Whole is the bizarre and disturbing new LP from Belgium's Emptiness. Like anything from the land of Marc Dutroux, Nothing But The Whole is morbid, uncomfortable, and inappropriate.

So, who is Emptiness? As previously mentioned Emptiness is a strange metal band from Belgium that formed in 1998. For those that care about pedigree, Emptiness shares two members with black metal band Enthroned. For those interested in the sound of this band, where do I start?

It's blackened metal but it's not black metal. There are no Varg-style, Hot Topic moments to be found on Nothing But The Whole. Emptiness may be down with the evil ones but this record sounds closer to what the Swans and Psychic TV were doing back in the 80s than any kind of blast attack. Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of awesome riffs and killer drum beats but the point of the record is not to pound the listener into submission with riffs. Rather, Nothing But The Whole is designed to make you feel uncomfortable.

If Tony Iommi's goal was to make scary records in order to freak out people, then Emptiness has finally perfected his model. If I had to describe the band's sound (and I do), I'd qualify it as a mixture of Big Black and Red Harvest with touches of Black Sabbath (duh), Whitehouse, and Abruptum. Basically, if you've ever heard of any of these bands besides Black Sabbath, then this record is for you.

For everyone else, take a chance on something new. Keep in mind that this is not good-time party music. Nothing But The Whole will make you feel like you got beaten after you got a sunburn earlier that day, but it's worth it.

Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole


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