Montag, 30. April 2012

So here it is the moment you all were waiting for: This absolute masterpiece of a blog is turning 5.Yes you read right 5 years ago some fat, stoned drifter started sharing his stolen music for free on the web.In the beginning this was a rare record type blog only, but it quickly turned into a more regular blog.
We had many members come and go and we had our little catastrophes (the big cleanup of 2009 in which we lost all our uploads!As a result all post up until 09 were deleted.) but we certainly had great times and I (we) met awesome people,some of who I call my friends, even if I never met them.

So to sum things up: 

I love my current team.
I love the fact that we still have many visitors (about 1000 a day - with 0 comments a day).
I hope we still be around in 5 years (as a blog and as living persons!)

BUT that 0 comments thing is a very serious problem because somebody is reading this blog (we have the statistics people!) and somebody is visiting this site so fucking at least say : FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING WHACK ASS BLOG RETARD,I`M ONLY LEECHING!

and yeah heres a "Hi" to all the ex-members (wherever you might be):

The Whale
Chocolate Jesus

and our current family:

breakya (brother without you this blog would be dead and buried!)
Grizzly (where the fuck are you?)
beq (yes after 5 years we finally have a female poster!Feminism in the blog world works slower than in real life!)


breakyaface1864 hat gesagt…

happy 5-th B-day! And you know, what I`m proud to be on the crew. I absolutely love this, blog, and the person who started it, which i consider a dear friend. 99MOBB Onward to 10!

Marcos hat gesagt…

Hey, your blog is one of my favorites and I'm some of that lazy ass that enters and don't say anything :( . My apologies. But it's time to be happy (or not): Happy 5th Birthday !! I promisse don't be so lazy in the future. Take care, Marcos!

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

hey man really glad to hear that someoneactually reads this blog.looking forward to your comments!

breakyaface1864 hat gesagt…

Well, this is the best place on the internet. MAD LOVE