Dienstag, 13. September 2011

Casa de Diversion Vol. 2

Our friend Wayne over at Toxicbreeds Funhouse has this awesome comp with some rare, unreleased tracks.Give this guy props.Posting his link here so he can keep track of his downloads and I also want to make people aware of this awesome thing.

1. Disapproval- Intro/Detached From Birth
2. Villain- Debt Nation ft COA
3. Raindance- Severed Wings and Open Wounds
4. Bottom Out- Home
5. Pulling Teeth- Waiting
6. Axis- Atlas
7. Born Low- Two-fold
8. Goodbye Cruel World- Better Off Dead
9. Written Off- Reiterator
10. Unrestrained- Disdain
11. Power Trip- Suffer No Fool
12. Agitator- Force Fed Lies
13. Sabertooth Zombie- Banana Milk
14. The Love Below- High Friends In Low Places
15. Coke Bust- Another Fucking Problem
16. Another Mistake- Crust Fund
17. Social War- 28 Days Later
18. Sojourner- Deception Falls
19. Legion- Salvation
20. Hatewaves- Pride
21. At Our Heels- Wolfsblood
22. Old Wounds- Terror Eyes
23. Fed To The Wolves- Disappointment
24. Sacred Love- Riot Dogs (Molon Lave)
25. Crucified- Dead Of Sleep
26. Code Orange Kids- Walls (We Lose Each Other)
27. Homewrecker- Internal Morgue
28. Divider- Glory of Kings
29. Masakari- IX- Tempt Providence
30. Low Places- Honor Thee Cult
31. Streetsweeper- Place Of Fear
32. Vice- Vice
33. Alaskan- Euthanize
34. Deathbed- Cleanse
35. Jungle Juice- Blind



breakyaface1864 hat gesagt…

Wayne`s a class A guy. Haven`t been around his site much lately, so thanks alot for bringing CDD2 to my attention. #1 kicked ass, really good selection

Mari hat gesagt…

Hey, thanks! And also thanks for the vol.1! \m/

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

@Mari:go to Toxics website and say thanks to him.its his work.

breakyaface1864 hat gesagt…

Wayne killed it. Ice fucking cold. Big dogs on candy