Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011



If ya haven't heard, Sublime has a new singer, rome ramirez... therefore creating sublime with rome (after bradley reserved the rights to 'sublime' before he died)....... dont give a fuck what ya think this shit is good... obviously it aint no bradley.. but he sure is damn close.. and the new vibe just kicks ass... only got two new songs from there upcoming album "Yours truly" on july 12? or something... but heres a buncho songs from rome's RAWsession (buncho covers!!!), acoustic sublime songs, some of his personal songs (which will be on the new sublime[with rome] album)... plus the two songs that will be on the new album...

RAWsession- Whatever you like (T.I. cover), Saw red (sublime cover), Take it or leave it (original rome song), Lovebug (jonahs bro. cover, sounds gay but it aint bad when he's doin it.), Beautiful girls (sean kingston cover), I'm yours (jason miraz cover), anddd Lay me down (technically the Dirty heads feat. rome but bad ass song).

Rome Ramirez- Keep it up cut, Only*, Stephanie, Take it or leave it*, You better listen*..... *three* confirmed will be on the new Sublime with rome album... possibly another or so if titles change.

Sublime With Rome- Date Rape, Smoke Two Joints, What I Got..... all acoustic and live-ish (radio wise) but good quality.... and finally the two newest songs off Sublime With Rome's new album- Panic and Murdera.... Hopefully you fuckers will enjoy this ya DOUCHERS.

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HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

ha wanna give this a try.really curious how it sounds.