Montag, 18. April 2011


I take no credit for this, i just happened to stumble upon it a few ago... the debut album for DOCTOR MIDNIGHT & THE MERCY CULT... to anyone unfamiliar with them, are you familiar with TURBONEGRO? If so it is Hank's new band after turbo broke up.. some recognizable songs by turbo would be All my friends are dead, High on the crime, Do you dig destruction... if not you've probably heard some of there songs numerous times on viva la bam, jackass (movies too), fantasy factory, and the theme song to wildboyz was actually turbonegro (the age of pamparius).... however Doctor Midnight is a bit heavier than turbonegro... and it also features the bassist from marilyn manson... so yeah here is there debut I Declare: Treason.. released june sixth hahaha.. plus some boner songs...... i meant bonus.. again.. i take no credit... but just want to share with you some good tunes..

01. You Are God - Intro
02. Sign My Name
03. I Declare: Treason
04. Bleed Idiot Bleed
05. (Don't) Waste It
06. Blame Is The Game
07. Ok (We're Just About To Die)
08. Misconception
09. Glory (Throw The Axe)
10. Revenge
11. Victorious
12. Fools Gold
13. The Whore In The West
And if you do not like them.. FUCK YOU AND CHECK OUT TURBONEGRO THEN


HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

woooooo!grizzly is alive and hopefully well.

never heard of this new hank band.gonna give it a spin for sure.


Grrizzly hat gesagt…

i am..... with the same excuse.. been busy with school and work hahah... yuppp just formed not to long ago... very sad turbo broke up tho... they were the shit... these guys are pretty good.. a bit heavier than turbo but idk.. .turbo had the essence of awesomeness to it haha. and fuck i stumbled upon it almost two months before its release.. with bonus tracks.. thats pretty epic.

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

trbngr were awesome saw them 3 times.i am in a turbojugend with jacket and shit.

you should listen to backyard babies "total 13" record.its one of the best damn rnr records from sweden.if you dig trbngr youll love this i promise you that.

Grrizzly hat gesagt…

thats bad ass.. im assuming the denim jacket lol.. always wanted that... and hell yeah i'll check em out as soon as i can.. headin to work now. thanks for the suggestion!!

Glouny hat gesagt…

the link is dead make a anotherone please ! :D