Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

So what`s up?

Any interesting stories any of you`d like to share?
I have none.....ahh wait I have one.
Some douche recommended this blog on his own one.he said this blog is run by assholes who "still (are) perpetuating the 'Hipster Sludge' bullshit".



Fuck Off.

Do you agree?

So back to something completely different.

PRIMATE the new band featuring Kevin (Brutal Truth) and Bill (Mastodon) recorded an album which is not out yet.But you`ll get the demo session which is pretty cool.Give it a spin I say.

At first I wanted to post a picture of the band but Bill is really fucking stupid looking.Whats up with his fucking hair? looks like a raped cockroach.


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