Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Exclusive: New Metallica song... still nowhere to be found on the internet.But I am sure I got your attention.
It`s like luring flies with a piece of shit (great comparison).

No here you will have a good musical contribution the (whole?) discography of Southern Californias KNIFE FIGHT.
They were a fast hardcore band with many influences like Negative Approach,Black
Flag and all the other bands every kid is so psyched about.
came from such bands as Shark Attack, No Reply, Life's Halt, Carry On and others you probably never heard anything of since you thought you get a Fag Magnetic follow up.
So you know how it goes you download it a hundred times one of you (most probably someone from this blog) will comment it and thats it.

Damn you, see I am pissed off.Wanna know why?
I tell you anyway.
So theres that RAMPAGE shit on eGay (LOC apreesh) and I was so stoked already typed in 30$...only one minute to go...and then BOOM my pc fucks up.I didnt have the chance to bid....I freaked out and kicked a hole into the cupboard.FUCK it ended with 6$.
If you read this highest bidder:When I see you on the streets wearing that shirt I will kill you without any warning I want that fucking shirt.

Oh and enjoy this awesome band.

included are:

Demo 2002
Burning Bridges EP

Knife Fight EP

Isolated EP


Out Of Print 2002 - 2004

Live @ Lintfabriek 2004

Together (Negative FX cover)

Follow The Leader (Comp Track)

frantic tic tic tic tic tic toc


WildDevilMan hat gesagt…

bist verlinkt...cheers!!

breakyaface1864 hat gesagt…

this shit is wild as fuck!
thank you!!!