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Simply The Best (of 2010)

So we here over at 99 miles love to share our feelings and thoughts with you dear reader.So here are our top 10 releases of 2010.

H`s Top

1.Weekend Nachos - Bleed EP

Damn this Chicago outfit never disappoints me.
This time they change their own rules and present
2 tracks that are as long as their whole
discography haha.Awesome.

2.The Rival Mob - Hardcore For Hardcore EP

Bostons sickest are back with a ferocious punch to
your nutsack.
Their stone age riffing,those negative raw lyrics
man I love this band.

3.Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Who would`ve thought that DT would ever recover
from SNW (and the tragic accident that put their
bass player chi in a coma).But they did and boy
they are doing well.Stef uexperimented with an
8 string guitar.They renewed themselves without
disappointing their fans.A milestone.

4.Soul Search - Demo

I know hc has been done to death.But still this
the only genre not annoying me since I listen to music.
These Californians rip it up with their groove ladden
chug riffs and raw vocals.
Definitely bumped what will follow.

5.Deal With It - Eyjafjallajökull

Named after the fucking volcano on iceland this
record surely will bury whole cities under its
massive riffs and grooves.The vocals stand out for
an hc band.I heard that they broke up,but thank god
i was wrong.

6.Chromeo - Business Casual

Finally the third Chromeo album dropped this year.
I had the chance to see them live in Amsterdam (on 40$
a gram weed) and a few month later in Eindhoven
80ies synthpop electro goodness that makes me dance.

7.Autopsy - The Tomb Within EP

I don`t really need to say anything or do I?

8.Lack Of Interest - This Comp Kills Fascist II Tracks

This is almost perfect one of my alltime fav hc/pv
bands records some new stuff and instead of releaing it
as a band release they put it on this average comp.
Definitely some rad bands like Extortion (obviously) on this but
hey this is too awesome to go under some hyped other band on there.

9.Pegasus - ST EP

Another great release I was surprised about this year.
Featuring COLD WORLDs drummer Nick Woj on vocals thsi record
tunes that immediately warps you to the 90ies when bands like
Leeway,Life Of Agony and Only Living witness ruled the
scene.Awesome stuff.

10.Harms Way - No Gods No Masters EP

One of the most evil sounding bands in hc.Fucking Killer

Breakya`s Top

1.Ten Of Swords - Wages Of Sin EP

This Monster risen of ashes of Built Upon Frustration and Enemy Mind has to take the number 1 of 2010.
Simply devastating hardcore, with brutal commitment from frontman Mike McGuire and guitar assaults of Derek Kovacs. Be ready to hear alot more about these guys.

2.Without Remorse - The Truth Hurts LP

What can I say, I don`t like death metal, don`t care as much about deathcore, but these Long Island psychos tore it up with their second LP. A mindblowing coctail of slam death and brutal hardcore.

3.Everything Sucks - The Taxes In Texas

Amazing shit, Hardcore Punk classic.

4.Wax Phantom - Don`t Fool With A Phantom

A refreshing take on punkrock.

5.Nosebleed - I Was In A Subculture And All I Got Was This Lousy EP

A blackpowder keg from Serbia, unfortunately broken up. An amazing EP

6.Drive By Truckers - The Big To Do

Indie Rock Legends, setting new bar with this album

7.The Destiny Program- Gathas

German band "new hardcore" or modern hardcore if you will, unique and well thought through album

8.Rock Bottom - Born II Hate

Thrashing hardcore

9.Copykill - Fucking Restless

Ruhrpott Legend devastation

10 .Chotto Ghetto - Live on KXLU

Perfectly caught essence of a band which is a monster live.

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Wow! Thanks a lot for the hints!
And many good wishes for a gorgeous conclusion of this year and an even better new one!
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