Samstag, 13. November 2010

Tripface - Some part Sorrow + Some part Hope + rare tracks and demos

Legendary Long Island band, being located in East End, Calverton to be exact , automatically made them outsiders to the LI and NY scene. The band began to organize and play shows with their friends in their small town. These shows were in local basements, recreation halls and garages. For the most part they were more parties then shows, a handful of skaters, metal heads and geeks from the local area high schools coming together to hang out. The show line ups were always with their friends Grid and a mix of side projects. Members went on to play in Glassjaw and such. A true gem, this is their complete discography 93-97, hardcore with an uniqe Long Island flavour, I`m still here track is a complete win :)
Some Part Hope

1. Overlayer
2. Volition
3. Burden
4. Caste
5. Ledger
6. Tripface
7. 480
8. Foundation
9. Still Here
10. Natural
11. Brotherhood
12. I Wanna Rock
13. Guidance
14. Still Here
15. Foundation
16. Myself
17. Closed In
18. Brotherhood
19. Guidance
20. Ignorance
21. Still Here
22. Ive Lost
23. Graduation Night
24. Brotherhood
25. Iced Over
26. Verbal Abuse
27. Protect And Serve
28. Ive Lost
29. Why
30. All I Know Is


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