Montag, 15. November 2010

Soldiers Of Misfortune

Heres the discography from one of my all time favourite HC bands THE A-TEAM from Boston,heres what a friend has to say:

"Some essential early 2000's Boston HC....One of the more under-rated/under-listened bands of that era, the A-TEAM. This shit is the REAL
DEAL and just plain hard. Also probably one of the best cuts of the early 00's. Killer riffs, crucial mosh parts, and some nasty hooks.If any record could amount to heroin or something... this might be it."

This is some hard to get shit,if anything is missing (like the "A Night Of Negativity" tape please if anyone has this) please let me know.

"A Is For Asshole"

1.Fall On Your Sword
2.Put Me To Sleep
3.Armor Of Apathy
4.Watch Me Lose Control
5.Waving The Flag Of Retardation
6.Grow Up
7.Give My Regards To Broadway
8.Shit Rolls Downhill
9.Storm Warning
11.Cursed Verses
12.Autumn Of Terror
13.Chipped Teeth
14.Punish Me (Poison Idea Cover)

"Clusterfuck EP"

1.Hyde Walks Beside Me
2.My Gripes
3.Bear Trap
4.Control Your Baby
5.Your Happiness My Target
6.Christmas Claws

"Sewer Rats EP"

1.Prelude To A Mosh/ETHA
2.Sewer Rats
3.Stuck (Onward To Mayhem Cover)
4.Bush League
5.You're Annoying
6.Boy Band Blood Bath
7.All I See Is Skulls

"RNR Split"

1.Surrender (Cheap Trick Cover)
2.Preparation H

"You`re All Screwed Demo"

1.Armor Of Apathy
2.Put Me To Sleep
3.Waving The Flag Of Retardation
4.Chipped Teeth


1.Abercrombie And Bitch
2.Back In `86
3.Bald Bull
4.Get Out Of Our way
5.Grow Up
6.No Clue

"Comp Track

1. Negative Space

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