Freitag, 12. November 2010

Kissing pee pees

Wow a new gem I never heard of before. DRIP was Mike Williams IX (EYEHATEGOD/OUTLAW ORDER/ARSON ANTHEM)side project from 89-92.This was posted on many blogs before but why are they posting the cover art for the "Learning Manners Demo" which I cannot get a hold of,its obvious that the tracklisting you can see on this scan is a very different one!
This is a demo from 90 way back in time for the most of you kiddies listening to hipster sludge crap with cover art drawn by the same dude that got famous for the baroness covers.Isn`t this fucking boring?

Give it a spin or two...

"Pillfreak Demo"

1.Are You Holding
2.Mainline`n K4`s
3.On The Nod
4.Smoke On The Water
5.Take Another Valium
6.Worship The Needle

Sister Fucker

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