Donnerstag, 18. November 2010


Hey bitches it has been ahwhhileeeeeee.. been way to busy... sorry... fuck you... but anyway... hate to post this but it was technically there fault for giving out the CD almost 4 months out in advance in couple shows in Europe... but the brutal-est fucking album i have heard in a while... it is safe to say that MACABRE is my favorite fucking band... and this, to me... is a fucking masterpiece of an album... but hey who gives a shit what i like... here it is ya fuckin douchebags.

2.Nero's Inferno02:43
3.The Black Knight04:05
5.The Big Bad Wolf04:06 (NOT INCLUDED)
6.Countess Bathory03:26
7.Burke and Hare04:17
8.Mary Ann03:27
9.The Bloody Benders02:46
10.Lizzy Borden01:33
11.The Ripper Tramp from France03:38
12.Bella the Butcher03:00
13.The Kiss of Death03:24
14.The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor05:04
FUCK I do not know why #5 is not included but you can get it from the Human Monsters EP if you really care... but like i said fucking sick album that you should listen immediately and fucking buy it like i am going to because it is that brutal hahah.


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HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

great man this is amazing I didnt even know that they were still a band.I am so stoked and also great to see you back bro.

Grrizzly hat gesagt…

fuck yeah dude... been around since the 80s and still goin fuckin strong.... and fuck yeah good to be back.. prolly will post some other shit soon.. schools almost over so i'll be free-ish haha.. still gotta work my ass off to live on my own but fuck itttt..

Claypool hat gesagt…

I love you for this

Claypool hat gesagt…

I love you for this