Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

I Walk The Line... As They Sleep.

havent posted dick inna while.. sorry aboot that... been doin some shit... mainly work... but anywayyyyyyy this band is pretty brutal.. found em awhile ago.. decided to share something not that known and not shitty haha.. The band is called As They Sleep.. with i believe their debut album? Blacken The Sun... pretty gnarly... a teentzy bit of clean vocals... tons of double bass. blast beats. solos. just ear bleeding shit man. and as an added bonus i included their Johnny Cash cover song, I walk the line... which i must say is pretty damn brutal.. who isn't a fan of cash.. and i'm sure you guys are a fan of metal... why not combined the two.. well hope y'all motha fuckas enjoy this. night ch'yall.

1. Dusk
2. AThousand Deaths
3. Companinon Of The Fire
4. Pangaea
5. Sins 'N Needles
6. Seeds Of Hate
7. Sweet Misery
8. Hollow
9. Revelations
10. Blacken The Sun
11. Dawn
12. Walk The Line (Johnny Cash Cover) [Pretty fuckin brutal I must say]

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