Montag, 17. Mai 2010


Why didnt anybody tell me this wass out?This is so fucking awesome the best fucking black metal band around these days.Go to Southern Lord and order this bitch so Blake can make a new Nachtmystium album fast.

"Monument To Time End"

1.The Cryptic Ascension
2.Fall Behind Eternity
3.8,000 Years
4.Red Fields
5.Convulsions in Wells of Fever
6.Decaying Observer
7.The Catastrophe Exhibition
8.Negative Signal Omega


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Mari hat gesagt…

I agree, such a beautiful album ... In their heaviest parts they remind me a bit of Deathspell Omega.

For me, an additional, new, incredible album for black metal is the one by The Howling Wind, on Profound Lore. I love it!