Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Ten Of Swords

I could bore you with the meaning of the tarot card with this name but if you are interested you will look it up yourself, so lets get on!

Yes it is correct, in the face of all "true" hardcore people, here we have some beatdown. It is not the pussy-ass shit you might get from some 16yr-olds acting all tough on cocaine, this is the all out war brought to you from former members of PA heavyhitters Built Upon Frustration and Enemy Mind. These two names speak volumes to anyone into violent music, and this new band`s blueprint is simple-to be one of the most negative out there.

Without losing any more words, get into it and
or kill someone, whichever you prefer,

enjoy, BYF

UPDATE: Since I really love this record I dug deeper and found a 3 track version of this brutal piece which is exclusive to this blog right now,I hope BYF will not be angry that i reupped the 3 track version which has MISERY LOVES COMPANY as a third track!



HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

I guess this tarot card menas getting fucked by ten swords in your this record rips ,thanks for this its really good!

breakyaface1864 hat gesagt…

WHoaaaa! third track! Greatness, much thanks Huansoahn, I can`t wait to hear it, let alone the LP, hope they finish it before the summer. These are some bad-ass motherf****, kinda like Stout but more updated sound, gotta grab the misery loves company now :)
cheers man thank you very much
Yes the card is exactly that meaning :D it carries connotations of good luck love and fortune cookies bake-offs :D well not really but who knows :)