Sonntag, 18. April 2010

I'm gonna kill you just because I want too.

So... I'm gonna strangle you and i'll slit your throat too, i like to see your blood run thats the thing that makes me cum.... hahahah fuckin love this band. One of the sickest bands out there.. a band who only writes/sings about serial killers. fuckin brutal. And out of all there CDs this one is probably my favorite. it shows how diverse they are with their music. from death metal, to punk, to just fuckin epic shit. And this CD as you can tell is about the legendary serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.. and the CD is infact a biography of Dahmer himself and in chronological order.. which to me is pretty fuckin twisted but i love it. and these three fuckin guys from illinois who have been playin this shit since fuckin 1987, have ultimately dubbed this genre MURDER METAL. which was the newest CD name in 2003.. shortly after that an acoustic campfire CD which was fuckin awesome maybe i'll post that later.. but in the meantime enjoy this fuckin awesome gruesome brutal ass fucking shit.... ohhh and the last song, not included on the album.. Vampire of Dusseldorf... the best fuckin song.. hahah.

Macabre - Dahmer + Bonus Brutal Song!!!!
1. "Dog Guts"
2. "Hitchhiker"
3. "In the Army Now"
4. "Grandmother's House"
5. "Blood Bank"
6. "Exposure"
7. "Ambassador Hotel"
8. "How 'Bout Some Coffee"
9. "Bath House"
10. "Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory" --- Fuckin hilarious
11. "Apartment 213"
12. "Drill Bit Lobotomy"
13. "Jeffrey Dahmer Blues"
14. "McDahmers"
15. "Into the Toilet with You"
16. "Coming to Chicago"
17. "Scrub a Dub Dub"
18. "Konerak"
19. "Media Circus"
20. "Temple of Bones"
21. "Trial"
22. "Do the Dahmer"
23. "Baptized"
24. "Christopher Scarver"
25. "Dahmer's Dead"
26. "The Brain"
27. "Vampire of Dusseldorf" ----- Best Fucking Song.


Insane Riez hat gesagt…

An excellent album!

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

true, love that acoustic album.saw them live a couple of years ago...sick dudes