Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

The Last Hours of Life...

... would be one of the songs I would listen to on my last hours of life.. just because its fuckin brutal hahah. Aurora Black, prolly never heard of em but they are bad ass.. from the US, don't kno where but they're a type of black metal band I guess. Alotta keyboards, but the drums are pretty nasty along with the rest of the shit. Alittle bit of clean vocals but still brutal as fuck. And yeah the song "Last Hours of Life" is prolly one of the best tracks to me. The album is in two chapters? Idk but if I recall ( since i haven't listen to the whole CD inna while) that Chapter Two is heavier. but i could be wrong... just go for it fucks.

Chapter One: The Journey From Life
1. Intro: Into the woods of Bleeding Trees
2. When the Boars Are Feasting
3. Dripping Limbs, Faces of Torment
4. King of Worms
5. Lake of Organs
6. Decapitated Angel
Chapter Two: The White Owl
7. Intro: In Endless Depression
8. And the Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow
9. The Waking Cold
10. The Last Hours of Life
11. The Orchestra of Grief
12. A Brief Moment of Clarity
13. A Distant Spirit Weeps
14. Before the Sun Was Created
15. Concealed Behind Stone
16. Forever in Morning
17. Outro: Seeds

Aurora Black... BITCH!!

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HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

I just love the way you write man,i love the swearing and the slang,keep it going dude.and I will give it a listen