Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010


Hello guys I would like to begin with one of my favorite Long Island and respectively New York bands called Tension*. The lyrics are extremely nihilistic, dealing with introspective criticism and on a broader level criticism on society, narrow-mindedness, selfish values, and basicaly the fucking negative outlook of our world today. Not a very posi way to start I know, but hopefully better things are coming our way. Fuck that, here is Tension* and their 2007 LP constituted of a couple of old songs and some new ones,
*disclaimer do not click or your network will fail on an epic level (just joking)


HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

this is pretty damn good stuff,a very good way to start an already shitty year!

breakyaface hat gesagt…

Destroy everything!
I guess this band is happy mood killer.