Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

Mind Transferral

Mari stole my post idea....I found out we have a mind connection and that we are twins separated at birth but somehow she is older than me(not confirmed yet!).Pretty fucked up story and you don` t have to get it.

BUT you have to get the best death metal record of 2010.
Kam Lee fucks with your life I promise.

Mari I hope you have`nt posted this by now (aaargh!)


"Tales Of The Coffin Born"

01. Coffin Birth
02. This Morbid Child
03. That Thing Which Lurks In Shadows
04. Necromantic Ways
05. The Terrible Old Man
06. Sins Of His Father
07. Spirits Of The Dead
08. Nightmares Made Flesh
09. Sepulcher Macabre
10. Fall Of The House Of Grotesque


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Mari hat gesagt…

Dear (twin) brother, I don't know yet whether The Grotesquery's will be the definitive best death metal album for 2010.
But it's super massive fucking killer ...

\m/ \m/ \m/