Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

Caveman had it better...

Now we are getting fucking serious people.This is a radio live appearance by THE RIVAL MOB which released an awesome demo and a mindblowing album on Lockin`Out Records called "Raw Life". I can't really describe their music but imagine some amphetamine pumped cavemans gangraping Black Flag "Damaged - era". Their lyrics are intelligent and direct almost too RAW to be real. Get this and then buy their fucking stuff otherwise you`ll get gangraped by some caveman fucks.

"Live On WERS"

2.Better Man (Pearl Jam cover)
3.Raw Life
4.Upside Down
5.Mob Rules All
6.Same Shit Different Day
7.Gene Pool - Cess Pool

lean and mean


breakyaface hat gesagt…

thanks for this man, I listened to Raw life and I agree on intelligent lyrics, stoked to hear the wers performance!

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

this performance kicks the album to pieces its much better and RAWER.

Private somewhere hat gesagt…

Hey Son !
tout d'abord un grand bravo à toi pour les posts que tu proposes, toujours très classe !
je me permets de te donner le lien d'un groupe meconnu des années 90. Un groupe français produit par Lucas Trouble (Vietnam veterans) pour le label Nova Express, j'espère que tu apprécieras.
C'est leur 2nd album, je sais qu'il existe un premier LP ainsi qu'un 45 tours, mais ils sont jusqu'ici, introuvables...!
la chasse est donc ouverte. J'ai ajouté à l'archive les covers.
Bien à toi
bonne année

breakyaface hat gesagt…

Huansoahn this is way better than the album, on the album the band does not come to full expression musicaly. The production takes something away from them. On WERS they it is pure band energy and it is great. Thx, byf

breakyaface hat gesagt…

*they = there :)
Enjoy the week man

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

thats exactly what I think its allover a better fuller rawer sound its energetic