Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009


It`s fucking x mas time again....I hope evryone has a good time the next few days.Don`t take too much drugs don`t forget your legal meds and stay sane.
I am gonna smoke a whole bunch of green tonight while listening to my 16 year old neighbours fuck again.....

Merry X Mas to all of you and if we don`t see each other a happy new fucking year!


d. hat gesagt…

what a night man!!!
brother, merry xmas and the best 2010 for you!
light that shit up! :)
I cant look at that image, fuck!
wish I be there.

take care
have a good night :D


MERCENARIO hat gesagt…

Happy xmas to you brother.2010 the end of the world...

breakyaface hat gesagt…

Say hello to your neighbors :D
Yeah happy new year to you to if we don`t hear untill then :)

Mari hat gesagt…

Happy new fucking year to you as well, Mensch!