Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

Redefining metal musick

Hey again, just sittin here burnt out from sundays football gathering. Thought I'd post some brutal shit called Divine Heresy. To me it is pretty brutal, but it guess you can consider it melodic death metal. Yes, yes there is singing but whatever its fuckin good haha. It was founded by former fear factory guitarist Dino Cazares so you will hear some fear factory resemblances. And their is this sick ass drummer Tim Yueng who was or is in various bands such as Hate Eternal, All that remains, World Under Blood he is ridiculous with the double bass and blast beats. This is their second album, Bringer of Plagues with new singer travis neal, instead of their former vocalist tommy vext on their debut album Bleed the Fifth, in 2007. This came out in 2009 so its pretty fresh haha and number 5 Redefine, is a personal favorite so listen to that one song if not the rest of the album. Its pretty fuckin bad ass so enjoy.

1. "Facebreaker" - 3:42
2. "The Battle of J. Casey" - 3:42
3. "Undivine Prophecies" (Intro) - 1:07
4. "Bringer of Plagues" - 3:40
5. "Redefine" - 3:46
6. "Anarchaos" - 4:40
7. "Monolithic Doomsday Devices" - 5:24
8. "Letter to Mother" - 3:36
9. "Enemy Kill" - 3:11
10. "Darkness Embedded" - 4:34
11. "The End Begins" - 4:58
12. "Forever the Failure" - 3:39


HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

I liked their old singer more but this is pretty good.tim also plays in vital remains and dechristianize is an awesome album.

btw when is the world under blood record coming out?cant wait

I.Welsh hat gesagt…

Like that Jon Pain is in the band. Use to be really into them. Love Dino's stuff.

Darsh hat gesagt…

I've had this album for awhile and yes it's really great.