Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009


Raja Singa is a grindcore band from Bandung, Indonesia, and this "Pandora" Cd is their second full lenght album after the self titled EP in 2005. Raja Singa's Pandora released under Straineyes records ( Malaysia ) in 2007, consist of 15 tracks including some old tracks that been re-arranged Like : Killed by Raja Singa. It seem that Raja Singa try to import some Heavy Metal influences and then mix it with their standardize Grincore also polish them with some caricaturic and humorous sample of sound as an intro, and it all completely works!. Look at the track entitled : "Greencore", opened with a sound of some people whom getting high while smoking pot! Hahaha, what a brilliant idea! Even in the end of the CD, Raja Singa play the last track " Balada Sumanto Part II" in a funny Acapella way!
Basicly, Raja Singa take the legendary Napalm Death's music as their major influence, but i think Raja Singa got their own Grindcore's style. Yeah, Raja Singa Greencore! Full filled with marijuana's Spirit.

Download RAJA SINGA - PANDORA full album


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thank you sir!good that you are back man!
great record

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I should notify my friend about it.

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