Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009

Life For Anything Else - 2008 E.P.

It's a Hardcore band from Semarang City Indonesia. formed in 2001, this band been kicking around almost for 8 years and this 2008 E.p was their second effort after their 3 way split CD with A FRIEND FOR LIFE ( Bandung, Indonesia ) & AK//47 ( Semarang, Indonesia ) in 2002. High pitched voice combined with powerful and attractive guitar riffing and drum playing. This E.P will bring you into the wild mosh pit while your head bleeding hard. :)
lyrics mostly tell us about their sarcastic words about the HC scene it self and their attitude about life. If You are into hardcore music revere to bands like SHUTDOWN & COMEBACK KID. Enjoy!

Download Life For Anything Else - 2008 E.P full album

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