Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

Ex-members of I don`t give a fuck

Heres the first UNHOLY record that came out on Silent Stagnation a few year ago.I never saw it on any blog but I have a physical copy and Cheeto from the swamp requested it a while ago.
Ex members of When Tigers Fight,Path Of Resistance,The Promise and Another Victim playing brutal thrashy hc without any stupid hc cliche bullshit.I really like this band and their satanic lyrics.If you like brutal and honest music give it a try.

"Awaken The Sleep"

1. Awaken The Sleep
2. Man Behind The Sun
3. Oblivion
4. Rise Of Sarnath
5. Medusa
6. Everything You Know Is Dead
7. Dreams In The Witch House
8. Scales From A Leper



breakyaface hat gesagt…

Ex Path Of Resistance members? I`m bought! :) No seriously, thank you very much for advising me the Can`t stop the truth for my first POR album, it hooked me instantly. So I am glad I am able to follow up on them with Unholy. Enjoy the day H.

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

yeah but dont expect the POR sound its much more metal:enjoy the holidays man!

breakyaface hat gesagt…

Yeah I like this Unholy music! :D
Enjoy the hollidayz too Huansoahn, Lots of good food and drink to go with it :) X-mass brought me an arrest warrant, so I`m stoked for NY.

Cheeto hat gesagt…

Thanx a lot for this one, brother!!!