Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

E.Town Motha Fucka

As my first post I would like to share a band that is very unique. They hale from Elizabeth, New Jersey which is not to far from where I originally lived. They're a mixture of hardcore and rap. I'm not too into rap at all but anyway I'm sure you've heard a bunch of rapcore bands, but none like this. So I encourage you to give this CD a listen because it is one of my favorites by them. And for being such a not so popular band that they are, they have developed a true fan base. Oh and the dude is white too and he does have some killer vocals. So even if you don't like rap, give this shit a listen because it is truly some hardcore shit. Like I said it aint your basic rapcore shit, its truly one of kind. Enjoy. Oh and happy holidays!!!! I'll be sure to post something holiday related you might enjoy.

1. Mandibles
2. More Than Incredible
3. Metroid
4. So Many Nights (My favorite)
5. Let's Go
6. Baptism
7. Appetite of Distinction
8. Battle Lines (Feat. Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed)
9. Doormats
10. Punch The Walls
11. In the Heart of the Wolves


HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

hey buddy great new post saw them this year on one of their reunion concerts in germany.I really love them.I also like anthony martinis solo cd...

anf fuck the guy who has to rate every single post on this site with shitty....fucking coward

and yeah happy holidays grrizzly

I.Welsh hat gesagt…

Remember seeing them YEARS ago with Slayer, Hatebreed and Arch Enemy in Tampa. They put on a sick show, really enjoyed them. An I am with you, not to into rap or rapcore stuff.

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

there are a few ok rapcore bands,but the important thing with this style of music is that it has to sound has to sound like a symbiosis if you know what I mean.the raps should be done by a pro not an amateur rapper.

I.Welsh hat gesagt…

Yea, get a connection with it, feel that it comes from something deep.

I.Welsh hat gesagt…

By the way man. Thanks man, I really appreciate the input and kind words!

breakyaface hat gesagt…

This is g00d! I like punch the walls the most!