Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

Portugal The Band

Remember the first post on this,your favorite,blog?If no then please leave immediately (I had to look it up myself!).
It was LUX FERRE`s first assault called "Antichristian War Propaganda".
This title is like sugar in my ears and it`s still one of the best BM releases ever!
Portugese antichristian hate galore.
Check their new awesome album "Atrae Materiae Monumentum" whatever it may mean (probably something latin very evil antikosmick magick stuff!)

Just fucking listen to this then order it and burn a fucking church in your neighborhood.

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"Atrae Materiae Monumentum"

1.O Caminho
2.The Bell Of Fate
3.Atrae Materiae Monumentum
7.Thirst For Despair

Welcome to hell


d. hat gesagt…

thanks H
music from my country!
i remember this guys.
gonna check this new album

Mari hat gesagt…

Great! Thanks, man! And I'm glad you are back.