Montag, 16. November 2009


They call their sound Militant Flak'n'Roll because...
"We own the birth of this slogan to our friend Mart Kalvet from the band Herald, who figured that instead of 'black' we could use 'flak' (anti-air gun), a word with a similar pronouncement. It fits our ideology and message much better. And because our new songs are strongly influenced by rock'n'roll music and attitude it is quite logical that soon 'flak metal' became 'flak'n'roll". So the new Loits style name 'militant flak'n'roll' was born!".
Limited edition of Must Album contains a bonus 4 track EP 'Mustad Laulud' that means 'Black Songs'.
As they have written on their Myspace page, Loits sounds like "A mixture between good old black metal and rock'n'roll".

Loits Myspace
Must Album
Mustad Laulud (ep)

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