Freitag, 4. September 2009

Is anyone alive?

I think this place is dead (again), wehre are all those bloggers who used to be on this team?

This is another 99 exclusive I think, at least I never saw it on the net so it is!
I ripped this vinyl only release myself when it came to me last week as a pre order with an awesome shirt!

I LOVE BISHOP they are one the only HC bands out there still playing real music with real lyrics (even though they are straight edge!!!).
They are so fucking heavy and brutal (without metal) that they blast away every single deathcore fagcore whatever bullshit band on this shitball called earth!

I can`t compare them to any other and and I don`t care how they sound just fucking dl this and buy their fucking shit!

And I included the vinyl bonus tracks from Suicide Party and The Drugs because I couldn`t find them either!

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"Asylum 7`"

1.The Guilt
2.Snakes & Fakes
3.Picture Of Shorelines (Further Seems Forever cover)
4.Until The Soapbox Breaks (Suicide Party Vinyl Only Bonus)
5.The Joker (The Drugs Vinyl Only Bonus feat. Bradley Wintch)


And sry for the mono sound on the Asylum tracks somehow Audacity only records in mono since last week I can`t seem to find the problem can you help me?


coffinworlds hat gesagt…

.m4a format (download free converter to mp3 if necessary)

I spliced the channels, sounds much better.

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

yeah thx dude!