Montag, 10. August 2009

Hardcore Stagedives,Highfives.

As some of you may know DEATH THREAT is my absolute favourite HC band ever!These Connecticut boys are the only ones who can call themself HC.No argueing about this!!!So here I compelled everything they released beside the full lenghts.It was a long way til I was able to get this self made compilation right.
Its almost impossible to get their stuff and the comps this songs were on are all out of print since the day they got released.So please appreciate this tribute to this awesome band!And if you happen to have something I did`nt include here leave a comment!

Big thanks to Wagner from the best damn HC blog on the fucking intercrap Desconexao Rio-Sao Paulo and to Markus from Killing The Legacy another great HC interview and music blog.

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"The Hard Way (Rarities,b`s and demos)"

1.Best Of Times (From Over My Dead Body Split)
2.Known All Along (From Over My Dead Body Split)
3.Out Of Time (Bonus Track from Now Here Fast)
4.Forgiveness (Feat. Dave from Divided By Hate from The Division Has Begun comp)
5.Who You Know (Alone In The Crowd cover from All Systems Go comp)
6.Mizery (From Scene Report comp)
7.Bury My Heart (From Lost At Sea EP)
8.Lost At Sea (From Lost At Sea EP)
9.Sudden Demise (From Lost At Sea EP)
10.The Hard Way (Outburst cover from Lost At Sea EP)
11.King Of The Jungle (Last Resort cover from Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi Vol.2 comp)
12.Poseur (Combat 84 cover from Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi Vol.2 comp)
13.As One We Stand (Demo from Over My Dead Body split)
14.Disgrace (Demo from Only The Strong Survive comp)
15.Last Dayz (Demo from A Call For Unity comp)
16.Heir To The Throne (Crowns Of Kings feat. Aaron)
17.So Alone (100 Demons feat. Aaron)
18.You Can`t Break Me (Terror feat. Aaron)


I also got some DT live bootlegs so if you want some tell me!


XemonerdX hat gesagt…

Hey man, thanxxx for the comment/request on my blog. About Death Threat 'rarities', I have their 'Last Dayz Demo 98' demo from 1998 (duh) and also the 'Live At The Showcase Theatre' 7" that was a limited release on B9 not too long ago. Not sure if the demo appears completely on the 'Last Dayz' CD, cuz I don't have that CD. Lemme know if you want me to rip some.

XemonerdX hat gesagt…

I'll rip em for you, hopefully I can do it this weekend. And yeah, link exchange sounds good, just added you.

XemonerdX hat gesagt…

Nah man, not selling the 7", sorry, a rip+scans is the best I can do. Aaron also does another band called Price Of Pain. Can't think of guest-vocals he did that you didn't already post.

XemonerdX hat gesagt…

Hey man,
Last Dayz 98 Demo:
Live At The Showcase Theatre 7":