Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009


Scott Vogel a living legend!
Sang in bands such as SLUGFEST,DESPAIR & BURIED ALIVE currently singing for the godlike TERROR.
I know that Nick Jett is the songwriter for TERROR and Scott only does the vocals,but come on everyone is always fixated on the singer of the fav band.
What I give you here is an almost complete Vogel rarity collection throughout all of his bands.
There is many hard to get shit and many collabos he did with other bands (people help me out if you know any other features he did).
Sorry for not posting any SLUGFEST stuff because I only have the st and a live seven inch I will rip in the next days.BUT I give you the TERROR Blood Tracks Demos 7" which came out in march I think and which is blog exclusive (ripped it myself)because i cannot find it anywhere and didnt see it on any blog!
So enjoy Mr.Vogels classic!


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"Demo 1995"
2.Day Of Atonement
3.Follow The Leader
4.Intro/All Deceived

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"Live & Killing In Europe '97"
1.As We Bleed
4.The Deed Is Done
5.Pattern Life
7.Take Me Away (Judge Cover)
9.1000 Cries
10.To Bare The Burden



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1.Kill Their Past

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"Reach The Sky Split"
1. Another Day Closer To Death
2.Our Time Is At Hand

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"Six Month Face EP"
1.Kill Their Past
2.Six Month Face
3.Curse Of The Womb
4.Empty Sky

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"Live on Capital Chaos 1999"



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"Life And Death Demo"
1.Life And Death
2.Another Face
3.Nothing To Me
4.What Have We Done

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"Live in Tokyo"
1.Better Off Without You
2.Don`t Need Your Help
3.Life And Death
4.What Have We Done
5.Another Face
6.Push It Away
7.Nothing To Lose
8.Nothing To Me
9.Lowest Of The Low
10.Keep Your Distance

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"Live CBGB 2004"
1.Better Off Without You
2.Don`t Need Your Help
4.Nothing To Me
5.Not This Time
6.What Have We Done
7.Life And Death
8.Lowest Of The Low
9.Keep Your Mouth Shut
10.Keep Your Distance
11.Push It Away

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"Blood Tracks Demos"
2.Rise Of The Poisoned Youth
3.Never Alone

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"B Sides,Bonus Tracks & Other Shit"
1.Back At You (Demo)
2.Nothing To Lose (LOTL Reissue Bonus)
3.Out Of My Face (LOTL Reissue Bonus)
4.Can I Say (Dag Nasty Cover LOTL Reissue Bonus)
5.Iron Mind (TD&TS Vinyl Bonus)
6.Boxed In (Subzero Cover)
7.Dead End (Unreleased)
8.Back At You (Unreleased)
9.Better Off Without You (Live)
10.Lowest Of The Low (Live)

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1.World Collapse - The Second Life
2.Nueva Etica - Nunca Seran
3.Throwdown - Nothing Left
4.Against - Against The Grain
5.Internal Affairs - When Tigers Fight
6.Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavy Metal Kings (Terror Remix)


Please tell me if somethings missing!


d. hat gesagt…

im not a fan brother...but, great post mate!
keep it up!


HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

thanks should become a fan^^

Anonym hat gesagt…

vogel throws down on a Donnybrook! track called Techno-logic-kill. I"m sure you can download but if you really want it I can send it to you... Nothing spectacular...

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

thanks man!its special because I didnt knew!

No Funeral hat gesagt…

Thanks for the Scott Vogel super-post. He did guest vocals on "Tested and True" by Will to Live, off of their album Tested and True. It's posted on my blog. Speaking of which, want to do a link trade? E-mail me or leave a comment and let me know.

XemonerdX hat gesagt…

You forgot to mention his old band Fadeaway, for which he drummed. This was before Slugfest IIRC. They released at least 1 7" and a CD (on Conquer The World) that I know of, the CD is pretty decent, don't have the 7".

My fave Scott Vogel band is Despair (great shows in Belgium & Germany), with Slugfest a close 2nd.

szafot hat gesagt…

Scott' features:

* Throwdown – "Nothing Left", album ''Haymaker'' (2003)
* Agnostic Front – "Another Voice", album ''Another Voice'' (2004)
* Internal Affairs – "When Tigers Fight" (Alone In A Crowd cover), album ''This is For You'' (2004)
* Jedi Mind Tricks – remix "Heavy Metal Kings (Terror Remix)", limited edition album ''Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell'' (2006)
* Against – "Against The Grain", album ''Loyalty and Betrayal'' (2007)
* World Collapse - "The Second Life", album ''Deutschland! Deutschland! Into The Night'' (2007)
* Nueva Etica – "Nunca Seran", ''3L1T3'' (2008)

Scott was Born From Pain vocalist during their European tour 2009