Montag, 20. Juli 2009

Ceremony Bloody Ceremony

Do you remember the times when bands like Black Sabbath,Jethro Tull,Black Widow and fucking Pentagram used to jam along and take drugs all the time?
When terms like doom,psychedelia,folk and italo prog were not established (because everyone was too high to establish anything!).
When bands used transverse flutes for solos,and used to have someone to play analog organs?
A time with no riffs just single note riffing?
With lyrics that could have made the best b movie flick?
Occult,satanic,evil black rock music?

I surely can`t remember this time because I was sperm at that time,but these Toronto guys with a chick as singer sure do and thats how this awesome record sounds like.

You know what you have to do!

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"Blood Ceremony"

1. Master Of Confusion
2. I'm Coming With You
3. Into The Coven
4. A Wine Of Wizardry
5. Rare Lord
6. Return To Forever
7. Hop Toad
8. Children Of The Future
9. Hymn To Pan

I heart Coven


harry lime hat gesagt…

sounds like a foolproof recipe for musical awesomeness - thanks a doodledoo

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

hey good to see you again harry glad you liked it!