Montag, 1. Juni 2009

That`s some bad weed!

Two members from the now defunct Life Long Tragedy and some dudes from Sabertooth Zombie are now playing Electric Wizard/Black Sabbath influenced psychedelic doom. And let me say this,they do it very well,very very well. So I think that`s enough for an introduction. And mOOk good luck with whatever you are planning to do in the future you will be missed!

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1.1970's Acid Fuck Fest
3.Cashed Hit
4.No Hymn
5.Holy Vultures (Multiversal Mind Axe)
6.Drifting On The Salton Sea
7.Black Winds Of The Underworld
8.Swine Language

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Chairmaker hat gesagt…

Thanks for this, and btw, is Sabretooth Zombie not just about as wesome as it's possible for a band name to be?

Chairmaker hat gesagt…

wesome=awesome. I type English like its my fourth language.

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

yeah sabertooth zombie is a pretty cool name and a pretty cool band!but hey I am better at english that at my birth language so dont worry,its the weed!