Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

Foxy tarts

Ahhh it`s been so fucking long since my last post,but I had some problems to deal with first.
So now that I have this out of the way,I wanna present you one of my fucking alltime favourites released in 2008.
BOOK OF BLACK EARTH are amazing imagine IRON MAIDEN on CRUST covering BOLT THROWER and NACHTMYSTIUM .Yeah thats exactly what it sounds like,how can you go wrong with a beast like this?
RIGHT you cant`t.

And btw hey guys whats up?Where are you blogmates?Is anybody out there?

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2.Death of the Sun
3.Total Control
5.Cult of Dagon
6.Funeral of Peace
7.God of War
8.The Darkest Age
9.From Heaven
10.The Great Year
11.Christ Pathogen


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Hororo hat gesagt…

Great band ! They are way too much overlooked as well as Withered.