Sonntag, 3. Mai 2009

A sunday morning killer classic!

I woke up to the sounds of "Hymns"....Yes you heard right to fucking hymns...
GODFLESH always did pioneer work with all of their releases.
Started as a industrial/grind/noise band they quickly developed their own style.
But you could take any of their albums and it would lose against the mother of all GODFLESH albums "Hymns" from 2001.
Everone thought this band is dead but when "Hymns" came out and I got the vinyl back then, I thought to myself will it be any good?
And how good it was its still one of the top ten fav albums in my collection.Crushing monotone riffs,a fucking heavy groove and Justins hatefull voice combined to a killer record which was overseen by the press and the fans....
I like Jesu but they will never ever reach the intensity of this album,never ever!

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1. Defeated
2. Deaf, Dumb and Blind
3. Paralyzed
4. Anthem
5. Voidhead
6. Tyrant
7. White Flag
8. For Life
9. Animals
10. Vampires
11. Antihuman
12. Regal
13. Jesu

Please reunite guys!

I`ll try to post at least one of my favourite albums per month from now on....ah yes and tell me what you think about this album please!


Khaos[] hat gesagt…

Anthem floors me every time I listen to it, fucking awesome record!

The Whale hat gesagt…

Could you recommend this to someone who loves Jesu? (If I'm correct justin broadrick was also in godflesh)

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

I think those are two completely different bands!Godflesh are more riff orientated and Jesu are more about the atmosphere!But I can recommend it to someone who likes good music and you are such a person!

Dimaension X hat gesagt…

Justin Broaderick's guitar tone on this album was vary unique - it sounded like a small classic tube amp just CRANKED to ELEVEN. Not that over-saturated smooth distortion you usually hear on albums. Very unique.

Kesit Agung Wijanarko hat gesagt…

This album is a Killer!

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

yes the guitar has a warm filling sound and that makes a great addition to the unbeleiveble songwriting

d. hat gesagt…

godflesh, a classic.
it was in this one that i 'met' godflesh. their sound is outrageous awesome.

Chairmaker hat gesagt…

I've got to confess that I'd never heard much Godflesh until fairly recently and got into them through Jesu (who I'm sort of ambivalent about). But so many people worship Broaderick I will give this a good listen.

dgen hat gesagt…

you can almost see a transition to jesu on this album.. he even starts adds shoegazerish melodic hooks. The Whale : YES, but it is not as atmos(fear)ic.. good album, still need slateman ep..