Sonntag, 3. Mai 2009

Satan - Leather - Warpaint

Sweden, the land of melodic death metal,shitty weather and high booze prizes. BUT there are also good black metal bands around... CRAFT is one of my favourite bands from sweden. This is their 2000 debut and its uncompromising,raw and brutal with a Piledriver (yes that old as fuck metal heroes),Black Sabbath classic rock edge!

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"Total Soul Rape"

1.World of Plague
2.Death to Planet Earth
3.(Desolation) Death
5.Ultimate Satan
6.Past, Present, Dead
7.Total Soul Rape

Knights in satans service


Dimaension X hat gesagt…

These guys have such a cool "black 'n roll" vibe - very raw and "evil", but at the same time you can bang your head and tap your foot and actually enjoy the music.

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

thats what I meant its really cool stuff all of their albums are killer!but this is their best I think