Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

The guts of a virgin

So what do we have for dinner tonight?Some raw, bloody and rotten meat from the depths of the USA.
THE RAVENOUS is one of the only existing death metal bands today!And by death metal I don`t mean 99% of what is death metal today.I am talking about bands like Autopsy,Abscess,Murder Squad,Master,Abomination you get the deal right?
Now imagine some drug fueled lowlifes compiling a band together to play this kind of music.Thats what happened in 1997 when Killjoy(Necrophagia,Eibon,Wurdulak,Enoch,Viking Crown etc.)asked Chris "Fucking" Reifert(Autopsy,Abscess,EatMyFuk,Doomed etc.) and Danny Lilker(Nuclear Assault,Brutal Truth,S.O.D.,Exit 13,Hemlock etc.)to join him on his quest to destroy todays music!(Later Danny Coralles and Clint Bower both Abscess, joined too!)
Well they didn`t really succeeded but they released two godlike albums and one amazing EP.And you are getting all of this in one link!
How cool is that???

Seriously thats amazing music for people hating clean production, mastering and melodies.Cause thats what you will get dirty,rough and perverted death metal!

Thats the sound of being mindfucked!

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"Assembled in Blasphemy"

1.Shrieks Of The Mutilated
2.Dead, Cut Up, And Ready To Fuck
3.Orgy In Dog's Blood
4.Feasting From The Womb
5.Keep My Grave Open
6.Assembled In Blasphemy
7.Perverted Before God
8.Hallucinations Of A Deranged Mind
9.Ageless Existence
10.Annointing The Worms

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"Three on a Meathook EP"

1.Clotted Cryptic Writings
2.I Drink Your Blood
3.Three on a Meathook
4.Apocalyptic Paranoia

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"Blood Delirium"

1.Razor Blade Salvation
3.August Underground
4.Gore Whore
5.Baptized by Demon's Piss
6.Nightmares in a Damaged Brain
7.Festering Beneath the Fog
8.A Corpse is Forever
9.Blood Delirium
10.Spawned by Ghoul Insemination
11.You Will Be Eaten Alive

Gore Forever-Fulci Lives!


d. hat gesagt…

damn man! :)

dgen hat gesagt…

ravenous is the shit, man I am liking you blog more and more...not to say I didnt like it from the start. Ok this is a long shot, but I was looking for a german crust/posthc/sludge album..
the band is aclys, i only own helduntergang..but i know there is another.