Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation - S/T 2008

It's an all-female grindcore band from Japan- FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRASY IN THE DILAPIDATION ( F.I.D. ). And this was their debut self titled full length released in 2008 under premier Czech grindcore label Bizarre Leprous. This 17 song debut album sure is brutal, and when you hear the vocals, it's almost impossible to accept that these sounds are coming out of the lungs of a young girl. The music is raw, primal grindcore that comes out of the tradition of early Earache stuff, early days of grindcore when only the most extreme and devoted fans knew of its existence. Vocalist Makiko uses two different vocal styles, one being a high pitched, shrill scream that is definitely intoxicating as well as a low pitched growl. Both are quite impressive and are just one of the many things that makse the band hypnotic to listen to. The album has other cool little moves, like the weird stuttering blastbeats that the drummer plays from time to time, and the occasional brief downshift into devestating Corrupted-strength sludge. These girls really know how to play grindcore at the mamimmum best. This album really essential for you who want to know how if grindcore being dominated by bunch of these telented girls. And they are from Japan. Enjoy!

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d. hat gesagt…

damn girls!
im listening to it now in myspace...
this girls know how to make noise :)
thanks K.
keep it up.

d. hat gesagt…

woman power!