Montag, 11. Mai 2009

Extreme Decay - Sampah Dunia Ketiga

Extreme Decay was formed in Malang, Indonesia in 1989, being one of most influential crust/grindcore band that provoking lot of indonesian grindcore bands to be born nowadays during their almost 2 decade amazing career, Extreme Decay has been released 5 full lenght album, 9 splits, and countless compilation.
"Sampah Dunia Ketiga" was released under Extreme Soul Production ( ESP ), containing 26 vicious grindcore/crust attack steeped in the old school early Napalm Death/S.O.B. aesthetic, with some intense and rabid harsh vocal attacks. Completely noisy and political jungle blasts. Yes, Extreme Decay is doing a perfectly mixing of a power violence and grindcore with amazing social and political correct lyrics. Well, that's why i classified them as a grindcore band. You can find some tribute tracks inside the CD such; "Terror Reign" ( Regurgitate ) and "Comdemned System ( Terrorizer ). Not much to say, just make yourself ready, it's Extreme Decay is coming with their thundering blastbeat of grindcore.

Download Extreme Decay - Sampah Dunia Ketiga full album

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HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

until I met kesit i didnt know any indonesian bands but you are showing me amazing stuff brother!really cool album!thx