Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

Some recommendations

I think its about time to recommend some blogs that I recently found and learned to love!
I will not name my teammates blogs because they are already aproved as awesome and thats why these guys are on this team!
I also won`t name Sludge Swamp , Lo-Res Viscera , Lockjaw or Mercenario or Lucidmedia because they are over the top and everyone should be at least one time per day over there Cheeto,Yappy, LRV,Mercenario and Jed are cool guys with a lot of passion.

Bad Year Media
-It`s an amazing blog spanning from hc to crust over hip hop and theres always something interesting to read and the jokes on that are really funny(most of them).so props to The Duke & Mike

Christ Almartyr
-I love this blog you can dl everything on here because its awesome.mOOk is doing an awesome job with his team and they don`t give a fuck about opinions and why should they?

Rio x Sao Paulo
-wooza the best hc blog on the intercrap these guys care for their readers and they have an awesome collection with many releases missing on other so called blogs.So cheers to my bros Wagner,Japa and Rodrigo

Fugitive Equilibrium
-Batguano you do a great job providing the kids with rare or out of print releases and you also have something to say and thats what made me a fan!

Hot chicks with douchebags
-This is the place I go to laugh my ass off!This is the future of comedy I am serious this guy is awesome.

Impure Lard
-Hey Lardass I heart your blog and your taste in music!I am one step away from asking you to join my team hehe!Check his blog dudes!!!

Keep it in the family
-This blog is like a wet dream for me!It`s fronted by the one and only Bloody fucking Kev singer for bands like HARD TO SWALLOW,RAGING SPEEDHORN,DEAD INSIDE,AMONG THE MISSING and a million of other godlike british battleships.He is posting some rare shit and he even has time for his fans!So give it up for him!

Metal Inquisition
-HILARIOUS there is nothing funnier on the net!

-Godfather is a funny guy he could easily lead one of the best blogs but he doesnt care and he wastes his time on other blogs and that makes him so great.He taunts he teases but he is doing his own thing.Fuck yeah Godfather !

Shiny Grey Monotone
-Ipecac is a cool guy SGM is great blog with reallyawesome music nuff said!

Terminal Nation & Chubby Mix
-These two blogs are runned by Lio.He has some knowledge about whats worth posting and he is cool!

I know that there are many other cool blogs around but these are the one that I care for!Give them a try they deserve it!


Lardass hat gesagt…

Thanks for the great comment about my blog! The feeling is mutual about yours as well!

Lo-Res Viscera hat gesagt…

Thanks for making my blog sound better than it is ;)
Muchly appreciated!

Batguano hat gesagt…

Thanks to broooo!

I enjoy your work here and at Seein' Red quite a bit too. Keep up the good work.