Donnerstag, 16. April 2009


AMONG THE MISSING is a fucking awesome british sludge band.
Their stuff is really hard to get by.
They have members of the godlike HARD TO SWALLOW and a handful of other great bands.
This is their split with the BLOOD ISLAND RAIDERS only released on bloodred vinyl (300) by Withered Hand Records in 2005.
This is only the ATM side of the split so enjoy this sludgy wet dream right now!

PS our fallen brother K9lyn also posted an awesome record by ATM before so check it out!

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"Blessed are the Dead" Split with Blood Island Raiders

1.Horses for Corpses
2.Cobra (live)
3.Narcissistic Sports Pimp (live)
4.Trembling Before (live
5.No Claw Draw (live)


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