Dienstag, 14. April 2009

It´s been a while...

I know it`s been a fucking long time since I posted some shit BUT I have no own internet access and I am a lazy piece of crap.

This post is DEADGUY`s only real LP released on Victory records (yes the HC/ now EMO/FAG label) in 1995 (I think).
For fans of Rohrschach,Unsane,Integrity and shit.
This record is still amazing and groundbreaking because there are no bands today that play this style,yes the good old times!
And in my opinion they were misplaced on Victory, but if they did not have the balls to release this record we would never had the chance to hear it so thanks Victory.


And thanks to all our readers still standing behind this blog even if we are not updating so frequently!And Cheeto no worries brother I am checking the Sludge daily but I often don`t have the time to comment or say hi, but this will change dude!

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"Fixation on a co-worker"

1.Doom Patrol
2.Pins And Needles
3.Die With Your Mask On
4.Baby Arm
5.Makeshift Atomsmasher
6.The Extremist
7.Nine Stitches
8.Riot Stairs
10.Crazy Eddie

Show me your genitals!


TONA hat gesagt…

Yeeey! :)

Lardass hat gesagt…

Great album..the best thing they have ever put out!


gooad ass record