Mittwoch, 29. April 2009


Damn this record is awesome ,I dare to say its the best crust record ever made!
There I said it.Dean Jones (Extreme Noise Terror) on vocals and some faggy dude from Cradle of Filth on guitar.
Imagine Discharge songs played twice as fast and the tuning three times lower add some nuclear holocaust end time lyrics and baaaaaaaaaaaam your ass got fucked by a freight train.

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"The Terror Continues"

1.Final Void
2.Two Colossal Nuclear Genocides
3.The Terror Continues
4.Dawn of the beast
5.Death Race
6.Eternal Darkness
7.Relentless Carnage
8.Trail of Disaster
9.When Two Suns Collide
10.Mass World Holocaust

and some bonus cuts from a 7"

1.Sound Of Destruction
2.Waste Of Life
3.Panic Attack
4.Stench Of Death (Metal)

Fucking sweet!

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