Freitag, 6. März 2009

The sound of the ocean is`s just the echo of the blood in your head

"These dudes have been tearing shit up around these parts for the last while now. Their shit is fast, reckless, sincere and sincerely pissed off."

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"Feed them to the vultures"

2.Amongst The Wolves
3.My Own Hell / Watching the World Burn
4.King of Frauds
5.Beating Myself Up
6.Feed Them...
7....To the Vultures
8.Coming Clean

Anger - hostility against the opposition


d. hat gesagt…

hey man
thanks for this post.
i did not know this band.
btw, there's a portuguese band with this name. but this is best.

(i think im going to design the header tonight, but, can you put the grey lines in the header to black?)

(you know how to put a background in a blog page?)

take care

d. hat gesagt…

i've been with full of work. school stuff.


Kesit Agung Wijanarko hat gesagt…

This band is an effective killerrrrrr!