Montag, 16. März 2009

Komunal - Hitam Semesta

Here they come, Komunal, a leading Stoner Metal act from Indonesia with their second release entitled : "Hitam Semesta", released under Barbar Music Records in the early month of 2008, consist 18 groovy , sludgy, heavy, and Stoney tracks all at once. Komunal brilliant work's shine out through track by tracks inside, uncompromise to thrashing the music till the end of the cd while sometimes "interupted" with sludgy session in the start or the middle of all tracks. Well, sure if we compare Komunal with the great Black Sabbath, Pantera, or another over seas stoner heroes, this album would have no anything to fight with. But as a band who presents a new stoney kind in metal music, i think Komunal would grab their chance to survive in the new era of music industry competition. With 18 tracks inside it, Komunal has been giving their best through the release. So, pump up the CD player's volume to the highest level coz Rock N' Roll is death, and Komunal came to save it! Prepare yourself!

Download Komunal - Hitam Semesta full album


dymon hat gesagt…

Good stuff. Thank you very much.

TONA hat gesagt…

It really is, i like it! Thanks!